All You Need To Know About A Chiropractor Career

You consider becoming a chiropractor but want to get some additional information about this career before making your final career choice?

Great! This article is exactly for you since I will show you all you need to know about being a chiropractor in the following chapters.

Not only will you learn how much you can make as a chiropractor, but you will also get to know a lot regarding job satisfaction, career development, educational requirements, job prospects, working hours and much more.

At the end of this article, I also provide you with an FAQ section where I answer all questions you might still have about a chiropractor career.

Without further ado, let’s get right into it!

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What does a Chiropractor do?

Chiropractors treat patients who have problems with their spine.

In contrast to conventional doctors who often prescribe drugs, chiropractors try natural methods that should take away the pain and provide relief for patients who hadn’t been successful with standard medical treatment.

Responsibilities & Duties of a Chiropractor

  • Treatment of patients with natural methods
  • Supporting the healing process
  • Focus on improving body structure and healing spinal issues
  • No prescription of drugs but rather focusing on alternative healing methods
  • Consultation of patients
  • Evaluation of patients’ previous medical treatment history
  • Keeping patient records
  • Documentation of the progress and of the treatment methods used
  • Giving patients emotional support
  • Giving patients a realistic picture of what is possible with chiropractic for them
  • Manipulation of the spine
  • Treating issues related to bones and muscles
  • Keeping up-to-date with latest developments
  • Use of modern technologies
  • Giving advice on how to live healthier overall
  • Making referrals to doctors and other experts that could support the healing process

What a Typical Day of a Chiropractor looks like?

Chiropractors usually start their workday between 8 and 10 a.m.

After commuting to their workplace, chiropractors often have a look at their mails and their calendar and try to structure their workday as efficiently as possible.

After doing all the organizational work, chiropractors actually help many clients to overcome their spinal issues so that patients can live a healthier and happier life in the long run.

After taking a short break for lunch, chiropractors will get back to work and will usually end their workday between 5 and 7 p.m., depending on the number of patients they have and also on their overall level of ambition.

In fact, the more you work, the more money you will make as a chiropractor, especially if you have your own chiropractor’s office.

Hence, it will depend on you whether you will come home from work rather early or if you have long workdays on a regular basis.

Chiropractor Salary 2023

Chiropractor salary brackets 2023

Salary BracketsSalary (per year)Salary (per hour)
Top 10 %> $165,000> $82.26
Top 25 %$110,000 – $138,000$54.83 – $68.79
Bottom 25 %$67,000 – $76,000$33.31 – $37.87
Bottom 10 %$48,000 – $56,000$23.92 – $27.77
Range$48,000 – $187,000$23.92 – $93.36
Average (Mean)$89,000$44.38

Chiropractor salary 2023 by expert level

Level of ExperienceSalary (per year)Salary (per hour)
Entry level$48,000 – $57,000$23.92 – $28.32
Junior$56,000 – $72,000$27.77 – $35.87
Professional$68,000 – $85,000$33.81 – $42.36
Senior Professional$77,000 – $97,000$38.41 – $48.38
Expert$91,000 – $125,000$45.29 – $62.43
Top Expert$118,000 – $187,000$58.82 – $93.39

Chiropractor salary by state 2023 (average)

StateSalary (per year)Salary (per hour)
District of Columbia$90,600$45.27
New Hampshire$83,200$41.48
New Jersey$89,600$44.72
New Mexico$83,100$41.51
New York$96,200$48.04
North Carolina$81,400$40.62
North Dakota$83,800$41.78
Rhode Island$83,600$41.78
South Carolina$87,500$43.64
South Dakota$81,100$40.51
West Virginia$84,200$42.03

Job Security for Chiropractors

Chiropractors have pretty decent job security.

Even though they are not medical doctors from an official point of view, there are still many people out there who suffer from spinal issues and don’t find help from conventional medical approaches.

Consequently, the demand for chiropractors is quite high in many regions and this means that you will have pretty good job security right now.

Future Job Prospects of Chiropractors

Since an increasing number of people are working in office jobs, an increasing number of people will also suffer from back pain and other spinal issues in the near future.

Therefore, chances are that chiropractors will have excellent career prospects just a few years from now and that you will be easily able to make a good living from what you are doing in this field.

Working Hours of Chiropractors

Most chiropractors get to work between 8 and 10 a.m. and finish their workday between 5 and 7 p.m.

Hence, you will not have to work that many hours as a chiropractor and can rather spend plenty of time with your loved ones or on the things you like more than working.

Job Satisfaction of Chiropractors

Since chiropractors can make decent money and also have a reasonable work-life balance, many chiropractors are pretty happy with their jobs, even though they often don’t make as much money as conventional doctors and also don’t have the same high reputation.

Promotion Opportunities of Chiropractors

Chiropractors barely have any promotion opportunities at all.

In fact, many chiropractors work self-employed and have their own practice.

In turn, they cannot promote themselves but rather work on the same things for many years or even decades.

Career Levels of Chiropractors

  • Junior chiropractor
  • Senior chiropractor
  • Chiropractor with personnel responsibility
  • Owner of a chiropractor’s office

Fields and Types of Chiropractors

  • Structural correction chiropractors
  • Chiropractors focused on spinal issues
  • Chiropractors focused on muscular issues
  • Chiropractors for adults
  • Chiropractors focused on old people
  • Chiropractors for kids
  • Chiropractors focused on athletes
  • Wellness chiropractors
  • Chiropractors specialized in alternative medical treatment

Educational Requirements for Chiropractors

Chiropractors need to get a Doctor of Chiropractic degree and also get a license to be able to work in this field.

However, before you are able to get your doctor’s degree, you also need an undergraduate degree in a related field.

Consequently, it will usually take chiropractors between 7 and 10 years until they are finally able to treat patients.

How to become a Chiropractor

  1. Inform yourself about the advantages and disadvantages of being a chiropractor
  2. Get good grades in school
  3. Finish your undergraduate degree with good grades
  4. Apply for a doctor’s degree in chiropractic
  5. Get approved and work hard on your studies
  6. Finish your doctor’s degree
  7. Get your state license
  8. Apply for jobs as a chiropractor
  9. Master the job interview
  10. Work as an employed chiropractor
  11. Save money and gain experience in this field
  12. Open your own chiropractor’s office (optional)

Character Traits you need for Working as a Chiropractor

  • You should be curious and open to alternative approaches to medicine
  • You should be interested in helping people
  • Ambition to make the lives of people better
  • Empathy can help to deal with difficult patients
  • Ability to stay calm in tense situations
  • Attention to detail is crucial
  • Aspiration to always develop your skills further
  • Strong work ethic if you want to have your own chiropractor business
  • Ability to process the feedback of clients in a self-critical manner

Hard Skills for Chiropractors

  • Doctor’s degree in chiropractic
  • Excellent knowledge of the human body
  • Knowledge on how to cure spinal issues
  • Knowledge of alternative healing methods not known to conventional medicine
  • Strong expertise in healing muscular issues
  • Knowledge of regulatory requirements
  • Knowledge of safety procedures
  • Digital skills can help to promote your chiropractor business
  • Good marketing skills can help you build a strong client base

Soft Skills for Chiropractors

  • Ability to deal with desperate people in a proper manner
  • Ability to provide emotional support
  • Empathy for patients
  • Ability to deal with people who don’t believe in your methods
  • Ability to deal with snarky comments that you are not a real doctor
  • Patience to build a strong brand over time
  • You need to convince people that you have knowledge conventional doctor’s don’t have
  • Good time management to treat as many patients as possible
  • Good people skills help you run your own chiropractor’s office

Exit Options for Chiropractors

While chiropractors get pretty good at heating all sorts of spinal and muscular issues, they still don’t have lots of expertise in other fields of work.

Consequently, exit options for chiropractors are pretty limited and many chiropractors get stuck in this industry for quite a long time.

Chiropractor – Similar Careers

  • Doctor
  • Nurse
  • Nurse practitioner
  • Pharmacist
  • Physical therapist
  • Acupuncturist
  • Physician
  • Social worker
  • Professor for chiropractic
  • Chiropractor assistant

Chiropractor Career FAQs

Is working as a chiropractor physically demanding?

Since you will have to work with your hands to treat spinal issues of patients all day long, working as a chiropractor can be physically demanding.

In fact, you should be in pretty good physical shape before you finally start to work in this field so that you can assure that your patients get proper treatment.

Is working as a chiropractor mentally demanding?

Working as a chiropractor can also be mentally demanding since you will often not exactly know what your patients suffer from and have to do lots of tests and examinations to figure out the best possible treatment option.

Is it dangerous to work as a chiropractor?

Working as a chiropractor is not dangerous at all.

Since you will not have to handle dangerous machines or fear losing your life like policemen have to do on a regular basis, your work as a chiropractor will be relatively safe compared to other job options out there.

How long do chiropractors stay in their jobs?

Chiropractors stay in their jobs for quite a long time.

In fact, once you work in this field, you will be able to make pretty good money and you will also not learn that many other hard skills.

Consequently, switching to a different field of work that pays equally well would also be pretty difficult for chiropractors.

Is it easy for chiropractors to find a new job?

Since an increasing number of people no longer want to rely on conventional medical treatment, chiropractors are in pretty high demand right now.

Consequently, it is pretty easy for chiropractors to find a new job, especially in big metropolitan areas where there is often high demand for those kinds of services.

Is it hard to switch from being a chiropractor to another field of work?

It is not easy for chiropractors to switch to a different field of work since they simply don’t learn many hard skills apart from helping patients with spinal issues.

In turn, you will have a hard time as a chiropractor convincing companies in different fields to employ you.

Do chiropractors have a high social status?

Chiropractors have a decent social status.

Even though you will not have the same high social status as normal doctors and some people may not believe in your alternative healing methods, you will still have many people out there who greatly appreciate your work and who will be thankful for what you are doing.

Can you help out your family and friends as a chiropractor?

You can also do good for your loved ones as a chiropractor.

In fact, you can offer your family and friends various treatment options in case they suffer from spinal or muscular issues.

In turn, your loved ones don’t have to spend lots of money on medical treatment but rather can get treatment from a person they trust in.

Can chiropractors work remotely?

Chiropractors can’t work remotely. Instead, they have to be present at their workplace in person to examine clients and to do hands-on work.

Hence, instead of working from home as many other people who work in classical office jobs do, you be less flexible and will also have to spend more time and money commuting as a chiropractor.

Is it easy to find a partner as a chiropractor?

Since you will be able to make decent money and also have a solid social status, it will be pretty easy for you to find a partner.

In fact, like doctors, you will have a pretty fun time in the dating market and will almost have freedom of choice regarding whom you want to choose as a long-term partner.

Do chiropractors have to work on weekends?

While some chiropractors work on weekends, it is not mandatory to do so.

In fact, as soon as you have your own chiropractor’s office, you can decide for yourself whether you want to work on weekends or not.

For instance, if you urgently need money right now, you may want to work during these times to improve your financial situation while you might not want to work during Saturdays and Sundays while you are already in good financial standing.

Do chiropractors have to work on holidays?

Most chiropractors don’t work on national holidays.

Instead, they spend those days with their loved ones or also use those free days to make nice city trips or just to relax in their garden.

Do chiropractors have to work at nighttime?

Chiropractors don’t have to work at nighttime. Instead, chiropractors often work in a classical 9 to 5 job and will often come home from work relatively early.

Consequently, most chiropractors are pretty happy with their working hours and sometimes even work more on a voluntary basis to increase their salary.

Do you have to travel as a chiropractor?

You don’t have to travel as a chiropractor at all.

Instead, you will just attend the same workplace for years or even decades and while many other people who work in demanding office jobs have to travel for business meetings on a regular basis, you will be able to spend lots of time at home with your family instead.

Are chiropractor pensions good?

Since chiropractors make pretty good money from what they are doing, also their pensions are pretty decent most of the time.

Chiropractors are also able to save enough money for retirement and once you get older, chances are that you will not have to worry about money that much, at least if you don’t spend everything on useless consumption.

Are chiropractor salaries going up?

Chiropractor salaries have been going up significantly over the past years.

In fact, the salary gap between chiropractors and normal doctors has shrunk over the past decade and this trend will likely also continue in the future since chiropractic treatment will be in high demand.

Can you have a positive effect on society as a chiropractor?

Since you can cure many health issues, you can also have a pretty big positive effect on the lives of people and on society in general.

In fact, chiropractors help people who weren’t able to find relief through conventional medicine and are therefore crucial to support those kinds of people who might just give up otherwise.

How long does it take to become a chiropractor?

Since you will have to complete an undergraduate study which will usually take you 3 years and will have to get a doctor’s degree in chiropractic that will typically last 4 years, it will take you between 7 and 10 years to get all those educational requirements done and to finally get your state license to be able to work as a chiropractor.

Is it difficult to become a chiropractor?

Becoming a chiropractor is not easy since you will have to spend many years on education and also need lots of emotional strengths to push through difficult periods.

If you don’t have a high level of ambition, you may also just quit your studies sooner or later and may never get the chance to work as a chiropractor.

Do you need to be smart to work as a chiropractor?

While you don’t need to be a genius for working as a chiropractor, you should still have a certain mental capacity.

Otherwise, you may just not be able to successfully complete your doctor’s degree and may never be able to work in this field.

Do chiropractors have a good work-life balance?

Chiropractors are often pretty happy with their work-life balance.

In fact, as soon as you have your own chiropractor’s office, you will be free to decide how much you want to work and if money is not that important to you, you may only have to work 40 hours or even less.

Do chiropractors have to work many extra hours?

Chiropractors also don’t have to work many extra hours.

Instead, they often have fixed opening hours and just finish their work at almost the same time every day.

Consequently, it is also pretty easy for chiropractors to make plans for the evening since they almost exactly know when they will leave their workplace.

How to maximize your chances of becoming a chiropractor?

The harder you study and the more time you put into getting your degree and your license, the higher your chance to succeed as a chiropractor.

Once you meet those educational requirements, it is also crucial that you improve your business skills so that you can operate your chiropractor’s office financially successful in the long run.

Can chiropractors work part-time?

While employed chiropractors often work full-time, you may be able to work part-time if you have your own chiropractor business since you will be able to decide how many patients you want to treat in such a case.

Of course, the more hours you work, the more money you will make on average.

Do chiropractors work indoors or outdoors?

Chiropractors work indoors in a chiropractic office.

Hence, you don’t have to worry about climatic conditions outdoors and can even use air conditioning and heating to make your working conditions as comfortable as possible.

What does the workplace of a chiropractor look like?

Since you will work in a medical environment, you will have many medical devices next to you and the more digital technologies you use, the more machines you will have in your office.

In fact, chiropractic offices often don’t differ from conventional doctor’s offices that much.

Do you have to look good for working as a chiropractor?

There is no need to look good as a chiropractor.

What’s much more important is that you can really help your clients since this is why patients are coming to your practice.

Of course, you should still look groomed so that patients will not lose trust in you and that you can represent your business in a proper manner.

Is a chiropractor career beneficial for your private life?

Since chiropractors enjoy decent work-life balance and also don’t have to work on weekends while they are still able to make good money, working as a chiropractor can be quite beneficial for your private life since you will have enough time for your partner and can do everything that your marriage will work out in the long run.

Do you need a college degree for becoming a chiropractor?

Not only will you need an undergraduate degree, but you will even need a doctor’s degree in chiropractic for working in this field.

Consequently, you have to invest lots of time and money in your education and you should be absolutely sure that this is what you want to do for quite a long time to make it worth the investment.

Do you need to be certified to work as a chiropractor?

Apart from the doctor’s degree in chiropractic, you will also need to get a state license to be able to work as a chiropractor.

While this may only be a formal thing in some states, it may be pretty challenging in others and you should therefore be willing to work hard for your dream of becoming a chiropractor.

How much does it cost to become a chiropractor?

Since you will have to spend many years on college education, the costs for becoming a chiropractor can be enormous.

In fact, many chiropractors have to take on student loans that sum up to six figures and you will therefore have to pay back lots of money that may prevent you from affording other nice things.

Is being a chiropractor a good career?

Since chiropractors make good money and also have enough time to spend with their loved ones, most chiropractors are pretty happy with what they are doing for a living, even though they still make significantly less money than normal doctors on average.

Is it easy to start your own business as a chiropractor?

Once you got your doctor’s degree and your license for working as a chiropractor, it will be pretty easy for your to start your own chiropractor’s office.

While you may have to invest some money upfront, you can also make far more money with your own business compared to working for someone else and starting your own chiropractor business can really make sense if you are ambitious but still want to have a high level of freedom regarding how to structure your day.

Can chiropractors teach themselves?

While you can teach yourself some chiropractic skills, this field is still far too complex to learn everything on your own.

Moreover, you will not be able to work as a chiropractor unless you get a doctor’s degree in this field and teaching yourself will therefore just not be enough.

Do chiropractors make good money?

Chiropractors are able to make really good money.

While they will not make as much money as normal doctors, most chiropractors make far more money than the average person and many chiropractors are able to make six figures sooner or later.

Is it ever too late to become a chiropractor?

Since you need to get many years of education before you are able to become a chiropractor, you should start pretty early to reach this goal at a reasonable age.

Hence, if you are already in your 40 or even 50s, it may no longer make sense to start your chiropractor education since it would take you at least 7 years until you will be finally able to work in this field and the initial investment may no longer be worth the cost.

Do chiropractors have to quit their careers early?

Since working as a chiropractor can be physically demanding, some chiropractors also have to quit their careers soon since they often suffer from physical health issues like back pain themselves and are no longer able to treat their patients in a proper manner once they reach their 50s or 60s.

What is the most challenging thing about working as a chiropractor?

The most challenging part of being a chiropractor is that you will always have to find creative ways on how to treat clients who haven’t found relief through conventional medicine.

This can be really challenging since you always have to think a step further to solve complex puzzles in order to help your patients as best as possible.

Can you provide for your family by working as a chiropractor?

Since you can make decent money as a chiropractor, you will be easily able to provide for your family by working in this field.

In general, you will not have to worry about money that much as long as you don’t spend lots of money on useless consumption.

Will chiropractors suffer from old-age poverty?

Most chiropractors will also not have to worry about old-age poverty since they make good money and their pensions will also be decent.

Moreover, due to their good salary, chiropractors may also be able to save and invest additional money for retirement and if you make wise investment decisions, chances are that you will be able to maintain a comfortable lifestyle once you get older and quit your active career.

Can chiropractors retire early?

If you save and invest enough money while you are still young, you may also be able to retire early as a chiropractor.

In fact, many chiropractors don’t have to work until retirement age but rather quit their careers in their 50s and enjoy their leisure.

Do chiropractors get a fixed or variable salary?

Employed chiropractors usually get a fixed salary.

However, if you have your own chiropractor’s practice, your salary will greatly depend on the number of clients you treat and also on the overall efforts you put into your business to expand it in the long run.

Can you get rich as a chiropractor?

The harder you work as a chiropractor and the earlier you open your own chiropractor’s office, the more likely it is that you will become wealthy or even rich as a chiropractor in the long run.

Hence, while only few chiropractors get to this stage, it is definitely possible to make a good living from what you are doing.

Do chiropractors need a second job?

Chiropractors don’t need a second job to pay their bills.

Instead, they often make really good money from their day job and there will just not be any need to work additional hours in a second job.

Hence, most chiropractors just enjoy their leisure instead of working a second job they may not even like.

Do you get continuous training as a chiropractor?

You should not expect to get continuous training as a chiropractor.

While you will have to do lots of theoretical work to get your doctor’s degree, you will not get much additional formal education afterward and rather have to educate yourself about latest findings in this field to stay ahead of the competition.

Are chiropractors organized in unions?

While there is a strong union in Europe, there is still no strong union for chiropractors in the United States.

However, this is not a big problem since chiropractors are in high demand right now and are able to negotiate good wages and working conditions themselves even without having the support of unions.

Do you get paid when you are sick as a chiropractor?

Since most chiropractors work self-employed, they will just not get paid in case they are sick.

In fact, you will only make money if you treat clients and you should therefore have an emergency fund in case you get sick and can’t make money from working as a chiropractor.

Do chiropractors have a high level of responsibility?

Since chiropractors aim to get relief for their clients and also work on sensitive parts of their patients’ bodies, they have a pretty high level of responsibility since mistakes on their side can make things even worse and clients may suffer from serious health problems related to incorrect chiropractic treatment.

Can chiropractors work abroad?

Since formal requirements for working as a chiropractor are pretty different across countries, it may not be a good idea to spend many years on becoming a chiropractor if your goal is to finally move to a foreign country since your degree may not be recognized and you may have to go to college again.

Is it stressful to work as a chiropractor?

Working as a chiropractor is not that stressful.

While you will have to deal with difficult clients sooner or later, you will also have many people who greatly appreciate what you are doing for them and this will give you the mental and emotional strength to overcome difficult periods.

Moreover, you will also not have that much time pressure and can work in a rather relaxed manner.

Is it boring to work as a chiropractor?

Working as a chiropractor is not boring at all.

In fact, you will just have so many clients with different conditions and it will often not be easy to figure out how you can help those people.

Hence, you will often feel like a detective searching for indications of what is wrong with your patients and how you can treat them in the most efficient manner.

Is being a chiropractor hard?

Working as a chiropractor can be hard both from a physical as well as from an emotional perspective.

Hence, you should be in good physical condition and also have a strong mental mindset to deliver high-class work and to deal with as many patients as possible.

Are chiropractors at risk of burnout?

Since working as a chiropractor can be mentally and emotionally demanding, you should make sure that you take enough breaks and that you also don’t work long hours every day to minimize the risk of burnout and of the unpleasant effects related to it.

Is there a dress code for chiropractors?

There is no official dress code for chiropractors.

However, quite often, chiropractors wear clothes similar to doctors to make them look as professional as possible so that their patients trust them even more and come back in the long run.

What kind of chiropractors are paid the most?

The bigger your expertise in treating diseases that are quite common but still not well-understood by most other chiropractors, the higher your earning potential since the more people will come to your practice who urgently search for relief for their problems.

What percentage of chiropractors are women?

While 48% of chiropractors are women, 52% are men.

Hence, there is a pretty solid balance between male and female workers in this field and you don’t have to worry that your gender may lower your chances of succeeding in this industry.

Do I need a mentor to succeed as a chiropractor?

You don’t need a mentor to succeed as a chiropractor.

However, it can still be advantageous for you to attend conferences where leading chiropractors share their thoughts so that you can build a strong network and can call those experts up in case you are not able to find solutions to problems of your patients on your own.

Will you be personally liable for mistakes as a chiropractor?

You will often be personally liable for mistakes as a chiropractor.

Hence, it might be a good idea to get proper insurance so that you are covered in case you make mistakes that lead to adverse outcomes for your patients.

Do chiropractors have a high life expectancy?

Since chiropractors don’t work in a dangerous environment, make good money and are therefore able to afford proper medical treatment in case of emergency, chiropractors also have a pretty decent life expectancy that is above-average.

Do chiropractors suffer from sleeping problems?

Chiropractors often don’t suffer from sleeping problems since they don’t have to work at nighttime and also know how to treat their own medical issues themselves.

In turn, there is often nothing that keeps chiropractors awake at night and they are often able to get pretty good sleep.

What states are best for working as a chiropractor?

The best states for working as a chiropractor are New York and California since you can make the most money there and those cities are often also pretty densely populated which means that you will also have many prospective clients within a rather small area.

Who do chiropractors work with?

Chiropractors work with many different clients from all social classes.

Hence, working in this field can be really interesting since you will hear numerous different stories and will also appreciate your own life much more since you will hear many bad things that happen to people on a daily basis.

Is working as a chiropractor cool?

Working as a chiropractor is not considered cool by most people.

In fact, many people will just not accept you as a real doctor and some of them may even make fun of you and try to bring you down.

Even normal doctors may not see you on an equal level but may rather belittle you instead.

Can you start a side hustle as a chiropractor?

You can start many side hustles as a chiropractor.

Apart from just working extra hours to make more money, you can also start your own YouTube channel or blog to talk about how people can live a healthier life which gives you the opportunity to build a large audience and to monetize this audience later.

Do you have to be creative as a chiropractor?

It helps to be creative as a chiropractor since it will be easier for you to come up with solutions that are unconventional but may still help to heal your clients or at least to get some temporary relief for them.

How employable are chiropractors?

Since many people out there suffer from spinal issues right now, chiropractors are in high demand right now and are therefore also pretty employable.

This trend will likely continue in the future since many people no longer want to rely on conventional treatment but rather search for alternatives.

Are chiropractors happy with their jobs?

Since chiropractors can make good money and also have a good work-life balance while they can make patients happy at the same time, most chiropractors are pretty happy with what they are doing for a living.

Is working as a chiropractor exciting?

Working as a chiropractor can be pretty exciting.

In fact, you will experience many new things every day and if you have a passion for healing people, you will get to work full of energy and may not even want to get home anymore.

What are the pros and cons of working as a chiropractor?

If you still think that a chiropractor career will be the way to go for you, also make sure to have a look at additional pros and cons of a chiropractor career.


Interviews and own research.

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