What To Do When Failing Your Engineering Degree?

You are about to fail or have already failed your engineering degree and try to figure out what to do with your life?

While failing a degree is not nice at all, it is also not the end of the world and also gives you the opportunity to try new things so you may find your real passion in the long run.

Thus, don’t be discouraged even if you feel pretty bad right now but rather consider what options you will have now so you may be able to make a new start and may still be able to pursue a good career.

In this article, you will find some academic as well as non-academic alternatives that may make sense in case you fail an engineering degree so you will get some inspiration regarding what options you have and what your next steps may look like.

Thus, after reading this article, you will hopefully be able to see the world from a different perspective and may get the motivation to try something new and exciting.

Without further ado, let’s get right into it!

Academic Alternatives To An Engineering Degree

  1. Computer Science Degree
  2. Chemistry Degree
  3. Physics Degree
  4. Mathematics Degree
  5. Education Degree
  6. Architecture Degree
  7. Business Degree
  8. Graphic Design Degree
  9. Biology Degree

Computer Science Degree

After failing your engineering degree, one thing you might want to do is enroll in a computer science degree since you may be able to transfer some credits from your old degree to your new one and may not have to start from the beginning while computer science also enables you to become a programmer and start a fancy career in the corporate world.

Chemistry Degree

If you are interested in how stuff works on the molecular level, you may also like switching from engineering to chemistry since you may learn quite a lot in this regard and may also be able to transfer some basic credits for math and other standard subjects from your engineering degree.

Physics Degree

In case you are really good at math and analyzing complex stuff, you may also get happy with a physics degree.

However, only pursue this degree if you are really highly intelligent since you would most likely not pass the exams otherwise and only very few people out there are able to work as physicists in a successful manner.

Mathematics Degree

Similar to physics, mathematics may also be a great degree in case you are highly intelligent and also want to use some of the knowledge of your engineering classes.

Education Degree

In case you no longer want to work in the corporate world and rather consider a career as a teacher since you may want to help raise and educate the young generation in a proper manner, an education degree may also make quite a lot of sense for you.

Architecture Degree

If you love building things, you may also switch from your engineering degree to an architecture degree and may be able to work as an architect later on so you may be able to follow your passion and make pretty good money at the same time.

Business Degree

In case you are not only interested in technical stuff but are also good at dealing with numbers and analyzing financial markets, you may also want to consider enrolling for a business degree since you may be able to start a career in private equity or work in other fancy positions.

Graphic Design Degree

If you have a talent for spatial thinking and also like creating new things, you may also want to aspire to a career as a graphic designer.

Biology Degree

In case you are interested in how humans, animals and various other life forms on earth work, you may also get happy with a biology degree since you may be able to work as a biologist later on and may be able to make a positive contribution to our understanding of the world.

If you no longer see yourself succeeding in the academic world, you may also consider some non-academic alternatives which I listed for your below.

Non-Academic Alternatives To An Engineering Degree

  1. Welder
  2. Roofer
  3. Tiler
  4. Carpenter
  5. Electrician
  6. Locksmith
  7. Plumber
  8. Scaffolder
  9. Train Driver
  10. Trucker


If you no longer want to spend many years in college, becoming a welder may be a great career choice for you since you can use your technical knowledge you have already acquired through your engineering degree and can apply some of this knowledge in practice.


If you are not afraid of height, you may also become happy as a roofer since you may get lots of fresh air during your workday and will also do an important job for society so many people will be really grateful for your work.


If you have talent for working in a practical and detailed manner, you may also want to consider becoming a tiler since you will often have pretty decent job security and may also be able to start your own tiling company sooner or later so you may be able to make pretty good money if you become a real expert in your field.


In case you love working with wood, becoming a carpenter after failing your engineering degree can also make quite a lot of sense since you may be able to use some of the theoretical knowledge from your classes in college so you may be able to succeed as a carpenter rather quickly and may have an edge over your competition.


If you are a responsible person who loves to work in a practical environment and also pays attention to detail, you may also get happy with an electrician career since you would do lots of practical work with your hands and would also see the results of your labor every day which may keep you motivated in the long run.


If you are rather flexible when it comes to your working hours and also want to help out many people, you may want to consider becoming a locksmith since your engineering knowledge may help you quite a lot during your daily life since you may be able to figure out many things far quicker than people in the locksmith industry who don’t have this expertise.


Also in case you are not afraid to get dirty at work and to work in rather smelly environments, you may also consider becoming a plumber since you could do good for many people and make your contribution that our system works properly in the long run.


If you are not afraid of height and also like to work in a hard and practical manner, you may also think about working as a scaffolder and starting your own business sooner or later since you may have pretty decent job prospects since construction of many sorts will play a major role in the future.

Train Driver

If you like traveling and want to get around instead of just getting to the same workplace every day, you may also become happy with a train driver career since you would be able to experience many different regions while getting paid at the same time.


If you love driving and want to see many different regions, you may also become happy as a trucker and your technical understanding from your engineering degree may also help you fix minor issues and may make your life as a trucker much more convenient in general.

What Should You Do If You Fail Your Engineering Degree?

After failing an engineering degree, you could go for another academic career and enroll in a mathematics, physics or architecture degree since you might be able to transfer some credits or in case you no longer want to spend many years in college, you may rather want to do something practical and become a roofer, welder or scaffolder instead.

In the end, it is on you to evaluate all those career options so you can make the best possible decision in this regard and may be able to succeed in your professional and private life in the long run.




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