What To Do When Failing Your Psychology Degree?

You are about to fail or have already failed your psychology degree and want to figure out what to do next?

While failing a degree is not nice, it is also not the end of the world and it may just be the start of a new beginning.

In this article, you will learn about many academic and non-academic alternatives to getting a psychology degree so you may be able to transfer some of your credits to a different degree and may also be able to use what you have already learned in an efficient manner.

After reading this article, you will have a much better idea of what you can do next so you can decide for yourself what your next career steps should look like.

Without further ado, let’s get right into it!

Academic Alternatives To A Psychology Degree

  1. Business Degree
  2. Education Degree
  3. Nursing Degree
  4. Doctor’s Degree
  5. Communications Degree
  6. Political Science Degree
  7. HR Degree
  8. Economics Degree
  9. Entrepreneurship Degree

Business Degree

One option when you fail your psychology degree may be to go for a business degree since you may be able to transfer some credits and may also be able to use your psychological knowledge in many business transactions later on so you may have an easier time succeeding the corporate world compared to people who often just don’t have this valuable knowledge.

Education Degree

You can also go for an education degree if you want to switch from psychology to working with children since you can become a teacher or also work in adult education sooner or later and your psychological knowledge will also benefit you in this career since you will better understand how the minds of humans work and can use this knowledge to your advantage when it comes to interacting with other mature or immature human beings.

Nursing Degree

You may also want to go for a nursing degree after failing your psychology degree in case you want to help many people in a practical manner on a daily basis and your psychology expertise can also help you understand your patients much better so you can treat them as a nurse or nurse practitioner in an excellent manner, not only from a medical but also from a human and emotional level.

Doctor’s Degree

If you want to take it one step further, you may also even go for a doctor’s degree so you will have even more responsibility and can make a really big impact on the lives of many people and your psychology knowledge may also help you calm people down during stressful times.

Communications Degree

Since you know how the minds of humans work, switching from psychology to a communications degree may also make quite a lot of sense since you may be able to work in public relations or similar fields later on and may be able to communicate pretty well since you know what drives us as humans and can act accordingly.

Political Science Degree

Since your knowledge in psychology can really help you figure out human behavior and how we interact with each other, it may also make sense to switch from psychology to political science, especially in case you are an extrovert and may consider becoming a politician or working in the political field in general later on.

HR Degree

Since you will be better at understanding human behavior than many other people out there, enrolling for an HR degree may also make quite a lot of sense for you since you may become a successful HR manager later on and may be really good to deal with difficult employees and also to see real talent.

Economics Degree

If you have an analytical mindset, you may also want to go for an economics degree after failing your psychology degree since this can be a really powerful mix of strong hard skills and soft skills which may greatly help you find a job as an economist or hedge fund manager later on.

Entrepreneurship Degree

If you are the type of person who rather wants to work self-employed sooner or later, you may also want to go for an entrepreneurship degree since you can get some additional information on how businesses work so you will have an easier time building your own business later on.

As you can see, there are many academic alternatives after failing a psychology degree.

However, if you no longer want to get a degree of any sort, you will also find some non-academic alternatives in the following.

Non-Academic Alternatives To A Psychology Degree

  1. Childcare Worker
  2. Social Worker
  3. Coach
  4. Digital Marketer
  5. Journalist
  6. Sales Agent
  7. Car Dealer
  8. Police Officer
  9. Fundraiser

Childcare Worker

After failing a psychology degree, it can make quite a lot of sense to become a childcare worker since you will understand human behavior quite well and will therefore be able to treat and raise kids in a solid manner and if you love working and spending time with children, this may be a really interesting career path for you.

Social Worker

If you not only want to work with kids but also want to have an impact on adult lives, becoming a social worker may also be a proper alternative since you can use your expertise from your psychology classes and apply this knowledge in real life so you may have an easier time getting in touch and gaining trust of difficult and emotionally unstable people.


If you rather want to work self-employed, you may also be able to become a coach and can teach people quite a lot about your attitude towards life and how they can benefit from this knowledge and you may be able to build a really successful coaching business in the long run since you may understand human psychology much better than your competition.

Digital Marketer

Psychological knowledge is also pretty valuable in the marketing world and it may therefore also make quite a lot of sense to become a digital marketer after failing your psychology degree.

While many companies out there require a degree when hiring marketers, others are fine as long as you have excellent knowledge of human behavior and even in case you don’t find a job in this industry, you may still be able to work as a digital marketer in a self-employed manner.


Your psychological knowledge may also help you in case you want to become a journalist since you will understand what your audience thinks and expects quite well and you may therefore have a much easier time succeeding with your journalist career compared to most other people out there.

Sales Agent

Since you have learned to understand human behavior to a certain extent, you may also be able to work in sales and may be able to sell like crazy since you will often know how to talk to people so they gain trust in you and this is the basis of many successful business transactions.

Car Dealer

If you love cars, you may also want to become a car dealer instead of becoming a sales agent in a different field.

While the logic remains similar, you will have additional motivation when you go to work since you will just be surrounded by things you like and this means that you will spend lots of time in a natural manner and will likely become really good at what you are doing sooner or later.

Police Officer

If you are a brave person, you may also consider becoming a police officer since you may be able to use your psychological knowledge to resolve conflicts in a calm but yet efficient manner and may have an easier time in your job compared to many of your colleagues.


If you are an extrovert, becoming a fundraiser may also make quite a lot of sense after failing a psychology degree since you may be able to convince many people that donations for your projects make quite a lot of sense and may have a huge edge on your competition.

What Should You Do If You Fail Your Psychology Degree?

After failing a psychology degree, there are many alternatives both on an academic or non-academic level.

For instance, you can go for a degree in education so you can work as a teacher later on or also get a business degree and work in the corporate world while there are many other academic options.

If you no longer want to get a degree, you may also just want to start a career as a childcare worker or marketer so you can apply your knowledge of human behavior to a practical field and succeed in those professions sooner or later.

In the end, it is on you to decide for yourself what the next steps of your career should look like.

Just never give up and you will likely find a way to get where you want to be in life in the long run.




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