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My Mission

My name is Andreas and my mission is to educate people about the different career paths that are possible in our current state of the world.

In my opinion, people often make the mistake to choose their profession solely based on how much money they can earn from it instead of doing what makes them really happy.

This is quite sad and I just want to give people a more objective picture of how a fulfilling career could look like.

I did the same when I started working in consulting after finishing my Master’s degree in Economics.

However, I’ve quit pretty soon after that since I haven’t found true meaning in my job.

Now I can do what I really love to do and I want to enable as many other people as well to go this exciting path towards happiness instead of money.

I conducted various interviews with people who work in many different fields so that you can get a better idea of what working in those jobs really looks like to prevent you from bad decisions in this regard.

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In my job evaluator section, you can find the pros and cons of all jobs you can think of. This should give you a good impression regarding whether you should go for a certain job or if you want to consider other alternative career paths instead.

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If you are interested in getting a college degree, make sure to have a look at the degree section.

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