What To Do When Failing Your Economics Degree?

You are about to fail your economics degree and don’t know what you should do to stay on track with your professional career?

While failing a degree is not a nice thing at all, it is also not a drama and life goes on!

Believe me, even though you might feel down and depressed right now, you will soon see that it is just a drawback you can overcome and grow from this experience.

To give you some guidance on what you can do after failing your economics degree, I have listed academic as well as non-academic alternatives to an economics degree in this article so you can get some inspiration regarding what you want to do next.

Enough talk, let’s give you the information you came for!

Academic Alternatives To An Economics Degree

  1. Business Degree
  2. Math Degree
  3. Statistics Degree
  4. Political Science Degree
  5. Education Degree
  6. Philosophy Degree
  7. Human Resources Degree
  8. Computer Science Degree
  9. Logistics Degree

Business Degree

If you are about to fail your economics degree, it may make sense to switch to a business degree since those degrees are quite similar and you may therefore not have to start from scratch and may rather be able to transfer many credits to your new program.

Math Degree

If you are outstanding at working with numbers and logic, you may also consider enrolling for a math degree.

However, make sure that you are a pretty smart guy or gal since this would be a pretty difficult path.

Statistics Degree

Similar to a mathematics degree, statistics majors are also pretty hard.

However, if you are really good at working with numbers, you may become happy as a statistician and may be able to make lots of money from your career.

Political Science Degree

If you are an open person and like to connect with people, you may also want to consider enrolling for a politics degree so you may be able to work for government organizations or become a politician later in life.

Education Degree

If you love working with people and want to have a positive impact on the lives of many people, you may also want to think about getting an education degree and working as a teacher.

Philosophy Degree

In case you are the type of person who wants to think about the world and what life is all about, you may also want to choose a philosophy degree, even though you should be aware that many people in this field really struggle to make good money from what they are doing later on.

Human Resources Degree

If you want to work with talented people on a regular basis, you may want to enroll for an HR degree since you would be able to conduct many job interviews during your career as an HR manager with really talented people which can not only be pretty challenging but also a lot of fun.

Computer Science Degree

If you are good at logic and want to work with a computer all day long, you may also want to consider studying computer science and becoming a programmer.

Logistics Degree

In case you are the type of person who is good at managing stuff and organizing things, a logistics career may also be great for you since you could turn your talent into real dollars if you are really good and work hard on it.

Now that you know some academic alternatives after failing your economics degree, we should also talk about non-academic ways to get back on track in case you just no longer want to study and rather want to start working in a practical manner.

Non-Academic Alternatives To An Economics Degree

  1. Fundraiser
  2. Digital Marketer
  3. Realtor
  4. Journalist
  5. Car Dealer
  6. Secretary
  7. Author
  8. Influencer
  9. Coach


If you are good at working with people, you may consider becoming a fundraiser since you would be able to travel the world and hang out with many really great guys and gals while doing good for social projects at the same time.

Digital Marketer

In case you are good at understanding how the human mind works, you may also want to try your luck as a digital marketer since in our current state of the world, you could turn your digital knowledge into lots of dollars.


If you understand the real estate market and are good at dealing with people, you may also want to become a real estate agent since you could not only make a decent living from this job but may also learn a lot about real estate investing and may become a serious and successful investor in the long run.


If you love writing and spreading the news, you may also become happy as a journalist.

Even though many companies may require a journalism degree, you may just self-publish your work and may be able to work self-employed so you may not need a degree at all.

Car Dealer

In case you are interested in cars and love to spend time with them, chances are you may also want to try your luck as a car dealer since if you are passionate about cars yourself, chances are you will also become really good at selling those cars to your customers and can earn nice commissions.


If you want to work in an office environment all day long and want to organize lots of stuff, you may also want to think about a career as a secretary.


If you are good at writing and want to tell many nice stories from which many people might be able to benefit, you may also want to become an author.


If you are an outgoing person, you may also want to try your luck as an influencer and can use social media and other channels to spread your word for free so you can grow a big audience over time.


If you want to take it one step further, you may also want to consider a career as a coach.

You may just have some unique talents and may be able to support other people in a specific field and may therefore be able to make a good living if you can provide enough value to the public.

What Should You Do If You Fail Your Economics Degree?

While you could just enroll into other degrees like business or statistics after failing your economics degree, you may want to also consider non-academic alternatives like becoming a digital marketer or other jobs where you can start making serious money instead of having to spend lots of money on additional education.



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