What To Do When Failing Your Biology Degree?

You are about to fail or have already failed your biology degree and want to know what academic and non-academic alternatives you have for a successful future?

Great! Stick with me since I will show you what you can do after failing a biology degree so you can push through this difficult period of your life.

Failing a degree is not fun at all.

However, it still gives you the opportunity to try new things and become a stronger character in the long run.

This article should give you some motivation to carry on with your life since you may get encouraged by the many other nice alternatives to getting a biology degree.

Without further ado, let’s get right into it!

Academic Alternatives To A Biology Degree

  1. Chemistry Degree
  2. Environmental Science
  3. Agricultural Science
  4. Veterinarian Degree
  5. Food & Nutrition Degree
  6. Physics Degree
  7. Pharmacy Degree
  8. Education Degree
  9. Political Science Degree
  10. Forester Degree

Chemistry Degree

One thing you could do after failing a biology degree is enroll for a chemistry degree since you may find some overlapping topics in both bachelor’s degrees and may be able to transfer some credits to your new studies so you don’t have to start from scratch and can use your time in a more efficient manner.

Environmental Science

Environmental science is another great subject to study once you fail your biology degree since it can be pretty similar and if you are interested in biology, chances are you will also be interested in protecting our environment and may also be able to good for our planet with your degree in the long run.

Agricultural Science

If you want to learn more about how our groceries are produced, enrolling in an agricultural science degree may also make quite a lot of sense for you.

Even though you may be able to become a farmer without getting a degree, it can still help you get lots of valuable background information so you may have an easier time succeeding in this profession.

Veterinarian Degree

If you love pets and animals in general, switching from a biology degree to veterinarian studies may also be a great choice since you will learn a lot about how to treat and cure animals in the best possible manner and you may also be able to make really good money through your veterinarian career later on.

Food & Nutrition Degree

Enrolling for a food and nutrition degree can also make quite a lot of sense for you since you will already have some knowledge from your biology degree and may be able to learn much faster than many of your fellow students which may save you some time for finishing your degree.

Physics Degree

If you want to know how the world works in general, studying physics and becoming a physicist may also be a great career choice for you since you can work with many smart people and may be able to really make a big contribution to the overall understanding of the universe.

Pharmacy Degree

If you want to work with many different people on a daily basis and want to help out people in general, switching from biology to a pharmacy degree may also make sense for you since you may be able to use some knowledge from your biology degree to get a better understanding of pharmacy and to get a solid technical background.

Education Degree

Switching from biology to an education degree may also be great for you if you love to share your knowledge instead of just doing research all day long and in case you want to hand over your knowledge to the next generation by becoming a teacher or working in similar fields.

Political Science Degree

If you really want to make a big impact on the lives of many people out there and want to make the world a better place, you may also want to go for a political science degree and become a politician since you may be able to gain lots of power and may be able to use this power to make things better.

Forester Degree

If you love nature and want to use some of your expertise from your biology classes, becoming a forester may also be a great career choice for you since you can spend lots of time in nature and can also get lots of fresh air which may help you get into a pretty good mood in the long run.

Now that you know the academic alternatives to a biology degree, we should also talk about some of the non-academic things you can do in case you don’t want to enroll for another degree but rather want to do something practical.

Non-Academic Alternatives To A Biology Degree

  1. Animal Trainer
  2. Environmental Activist
  3. Fundraiser
  4. Baker
  5. Butcher
  6. Farmer
  7. Influencer
  8. Florist
  9. Pet Sitter

Animal Trainer

After failing a biology degree, you may aspire to a career as an animal trainer.

In fact, almost everyone can work in this field without getting a degree and in case you love pets, you may find your dream job in this field.

Environmental Activist

If you think our planet is really important and you want to do good for our planet, you may also want to become an environmental activist, share your thoughts on social media and earn your money through donations or other income sources while you may be able to make the world a better place in the long run.


If you love talking to people and also have a convincing nature, becoming a fundraiser may be another interesting career choice for you since you may be able to travel the world while you can still collect money for many important projects that may be really important to you so you may be able to spend time with the things you love and your job may actually not feel like a real job.


If you love to produce your own bread and baked goods, becoming a baker may also be an interesting career choice since you may be able to apply some knowledge from your biology degree and use scientific methods to make really good baked goods and outclass your competition in the long run.


If you have strong nerves, you may also want to aspire to a butcher career since butchers are in high demand and if you are not afraid of working in rather exotic environments and taking away the lives of animals, you may become happy in this field in the long run.


If you love growing your own fruits and veggies, you may also consider becoming a farmer since you could grow fruits not only for yourself but also for many other people and by growing organic fruits, you may be able to do good for many people out there since you may be able to contribute to healthier nutrition while you can use some of your knowledge from your biology studies to make growing processes more efficient.


If you want to change the world without getting a degree, working as an influencer may also be an interesting career choice for you since you may be able to reach many people and may be able to change their minds so more people may be able to live together in peace and also respect our planet.


Through your biology classes, you may also have learned many important things about plants and how to treat them well and this may help you start a successful career as a florist and if you love growing plants, you may become really happy with this profession in the long run.

Pet Sitter

If you want to work with many different animals on a regular basis, you may also want to become a pet sitter and may turn your passion into a real business.

What Should You Do If You Fail Your Biology Degree?

After failing a biology degree, there are many academic and non-academic things you can do.

For instance, you could enroll for a chemistry or agricultural science degree or just start working as an animal trainer or florist.

As you can see, there are so many nice things to do with your life and even though you may be down right now and sad since you are about to fail your biology degree, life goes on and you can still have a great future if you are willing to work hard and make the right choices in line with your individual circumstances and preferences.




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