What To Do When Failing Your Education Degree?

You are about to fail or have already failed your education degree and wonder what you should do next and what opportunities you might have in the job market?

Great! Stick with me since I will show you feasible alternatives in the following chapters.

While failing a degree is not fun at all, it still gives you the opportunity to try something new and you may also be able to really grow in character in the long run.

After all, failing is part of life and there are always new things you can do.

Hence, don’t get discouraged!

Life is beautiful and as long as you make the right decisions in the long run, chances are you will just be perfectly fine.

Thus, make sure to have a look at all the alternatives you may be interested in and get some ideas for a new start!

Academic Alternatives To An Education Degree

  1. Librarian Degree
  2. Economics Degree
  3. Journalism Degree
  4. Math Degree
  5. Physics Degree
  6. Psychology Degree
  7. Marketing Degree
  8. Computer Science Degree
  9. Veterinarian Degree

Librarian Degree

If you have failed your education degree, you may want to think about starting a new career as a librarian since you would be able to use the knowledge you already got from your education degree to help various people out in your librarian career.

Economics Degree

If you are interested in how our economy works and can also imagine working in the finance industry or as an economist in the long run, you may also want to switch from your education degree to an economics degree since you would just learn many valuable skills that would not only benefit you in your professional but also in your private life since you would be far more likely to make proper financial decisions in general.

Journalism Degree

If you love spreading the word and are also a good writer and not afraid of putting yourself into new situations on a regular basis, you may also want to consider becoming a journalist since this would allow you to travel the world and make many unique experiences.

Math Degree

In case you are really good at working with numbers, a mathematician or statistician career may also be suitable for you.

However, please note that you should be really smart before achieving such a career since only very few people are mentally capable of solving those complex problems.

Physics Degree

Similar to a career in mathematics, you may also be interested in switching to a physics major and becoming a physicist later on in case you are really talented in dealing with logical problems and are also a pretty smart guy or gal.

Psychology Degree

If you are interested in how the human mind works, you may also consider becoming a psychologist since you will be able to help many people out there and may really be able to improve their overall quality of life quite a lot.

Marketing Degree

Outgoing people may also consider a career in marketing since great marketers can make lots of money and may be able to work on really great projects.

Hence, if you are this type of guy or gal, you may go for a career in the marketing business.

Computer Science Degree

If you have an analytical mind and also love technology, you may also want to be open to a computer science degree since you might be able to work as a programmer and make really good money while you may still have enough leisure to spend with your loved ones.

Veterinarian Degree

In case you are the type of person who loves pets, you may also find your mission in becoming a veterinarian.

Even though this would take you lots of time, you may still become really happy with your job in the long run.

Now that you know the academic alternatives to an education degree, we also should have a look at the non-academic side of things in case you no longer want to spend your time in college but rather want to do something more tangible.

Non-Academic Alternatives To An Education Degree

  1. Tutor
  2. Childcare worker
  3. Translator
  4. Secretary
  5. Recruiter
  6. Politician
  7. Nanny
  8. Mailman
  9. Janitor


After failing your education degree, you may want to consider becoming a full-time tutor since you can make reasonable amounts of money from this profession and tutors also have a rather relaxed life most of the time.

Childcare worker

If you love working with kids, you may also want to think about becoming a childcare worker.

While childcare workers often don’t make really great money, many of them still love their jobs and see it as their mission to make the world a little bit better by raising and educating kids in a proper manner.


If you are good at languages, you may also consider becoming a translator and if you are really good in this regard and are able to learn some rather exotic languages, you may be able to travel the world and work for the biggest news companies out there.


If you want to work in an office in a corporate environment, you may also consider becoming a secretary since you will be able to talk to many important people and can have a really interesting professional life.


If you are good at dealing with people and also know how the human mind works, you may also be able to become a successful recruiter.

Even in case you may not find someone who would be willing to employ you, you may still be able to work as a self-employed headhunter and make yourself a name with high-quality work.


Many successful politicians have failed a degree before and if you are really good at convincing people and are also able to network in a proper manner, you may be able to achieve quite a lot in the political world and may be able to make the world a little bit better as a politician.


You may also want to work part-time as a nanny until you are able to gather your thoughts so you may be able to make some money and can think about how your future should look like.


If you want to do something useful for society, you may also want to consider a career as a mail carrier since you would make your contribution to a working economy.


If you are not afraid of getting dirty at work and also want to do an important job for society, you may want to consider a career as a janitor since you can keep our infrastructure clean and increase overall quality of life for many people out there.

What Should You Do If You Fail Your Education Degree?

As you can see, there are many academic as well as non-academic alternatives in case you have failed your education degree.

In the end, you have to decide for yourself what career path you may want to aspire to and what really drives you from the bottom of your heart so you can become happy with what you are doing in the long run.



Own research and interviews.

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I did the same when I started working in consulting after finishing my Master’s degree in Economics.

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Now I can do what I really love to do and I want to enable as many other people as well to go this exciting path towards happiness instead of money.

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